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Simplicity Grows Success

restoration planting mesh tubeMitigation planting for a disturbed stream bank is a simple process. During the dormant season, take a healthy, native, bare-root seedling and insert it into a fresh opening in the soil, so the roots are not crowded and the root crown meets the existing grade. During the winter dormant season, the ground stays relatively moist and the seedlings suffer very little transplant shock. By using bare-root stock, the root system is placed in immediate contact with the moist soil. Press the open soil closed around the loose roots to remove any air pockets. Slide a ridged, plastic mesh tube over the newly-planted seedling and secure the tube by weaving a bamboo stake through the mesh and pushing the stake into the ground. The tube helps mark the planting and protect it from deer browsing. Make sure the surrounding area is seeded with a diverse native riparian seed mix and the existing vegetation adjacent to the planting hole is cut back close to the ground. This provides a non-competitive environment for the new seedling so it can develop a strong root system. Keep the new seedlings eight feet apart in staggered rows. This simple planting process can be done quickly and inexpensively.

Stream Bank Restoration Planting